New battle in nursing home war

Legislature pushes forward with LDC plans, extends home’s support through August

— McCoy, a Democrat, accused the legislature’s Democratic majority leadership of having “zero transparency” in advancing the LDC plans, while Legislature Chairman Shawn Morse disagreed, saying the legislature “takes every step possible to ensure transparency.”

Majority Leader Frank Commisso said working with Slatky would be the “best and most responsible option” for the nursing home residents, employees and the taxpayers.

“The county executive should embrace the opportunity to work through the issues that have been plaguing the nursing home, and not keep throwing up roadblocks,” Commisso said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Republican and Conservative minority in the legislature said they had not been given any details on the LDC plans, which were sent to the Elder Care Committee. They also said they were not given any information regarding a resolution that passed to hire an outside law firm, Hodgson Russ, Legislator Rich Mendick, R-Selkirk, said.

Mendick said he was “staunchly in favor of the lease with USG and the privatization of the nursing home,” adding that there was no specificity given as to what the LDC is supposed to do. He said he’s unclear on whether the LDC will take over the home completely, transfer assets or take on employees.

“How they’re going to do that and economically is anybody’s guess,” Mendick said. “That still has to be flushed out.”

Mary Rozak, McCoy’s spokeswoman, said there was “nothing in that resolution talking about fiscal impact” or where the money would come from to pay for operation of the LDC.

Rozak said the contingency fund the legislature has been tapping into doesn’t have enough money to fund the nursing home through December, so a decision on the facility’s outcome needs to be made soon.

“Ultimately, there is going to be an end. We’re running out of money,” Rozak said. “Now there’s even less money. It’s projected that the money in the contingency will perhaps run out as early as October. There’s got to be a resolution.”

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