EDITORIAL: No winners in Vista stalemate

Which brings us to another point, mainly that no one appears to be on the same page here.

Reporter Marcy Velte attended a meeting of the Bethlehem IDA on Friday, July 26, and heard a non-update from that body. Hours later, Columbia Development told us the deal with Breonics has all but sunk into the sea. When we contact Breonics, they were of the opposite impression.

Now we have the IDA calling for updates from a developer that seems unwilling to ever step before it, Columbia wanting double-secret status for its taxpayer-backed projects and Breonics standing in the corner with half a kidney and nowhere to put it. Toss in a bear on a unicycle, and this circus will be ready to hit the road and tour.

Solutions? We’ve nothing that resembles a silver bullet. It would appear there is something of a stalemate. All we know is the word “Breonics” first appeared in this paper in March, and it might just be that ink will end up being the company’s only physical form in the Bethlehem community.

We sure hope not. It is our distinct hope that Columbia will find a way to work with the IDA, and vice versa, or acquiesce that tax breaks are hard to get for good reason. Nicolla has been behind some very successful projects here in the Capital District. We hope he will be able to continue that track record and bring his expertise to bear here in Bethlehem.

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