POV: Campus smoking ban ill-conceived

An alternative to a strict smoking ban would be to create designated smoking areas. In either case, would it then be the job of campus police to monitor smokers to ensure they do not set foot on campus or outside of designated areas with a lit cigarette? And if so, why not police smokers who are not abiding by campus rule now?

Rather than force smokers from campus, where their personal safety, especially at night, becomes yet another issue to address with this possible ban, why should campus police not instead more strictly enforce current university policies, such as New Paltz’s 50-feet rule, which can be monitored en masse?

The logistics of a SUNY-wide smoke-free campus policy do not seem well thought out. The effort that will potentially have to be put into maintaining the ban seems more than it is worth, especially taking into consideration the effort, or lack thereof, taken to enforce smoking policies now.

More money may be spent on campus-wide smoker checks than routine checks to ensure 50 feet stands between smokers and the nearest entryways. And if the effort to enforce policies now is so little, there is nothing to say efforts will rise if the ban goes into effect.

The New York Legislature and SUNY Board of Trustees may have a few unforeseen hurtles to cross before enacting new smoking regulations. A return to the drawing board might be necessary before something feasible and enforceable is decided upon.

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