LETTER: Jared King for supervisor

Editor, The Spotlight:

I would like to thank those in attendance at the Bethlehem Republican Town Committee meeting who spoke on behalf of my receiving the endorsement for town supervisor for their kind words. I also would like to thank those Republicans not in attendance who requested I run for town supervisor. I truly am moved.

We are at a critical time in our nation’s and town’s history. From my contact with voters in this town, a growing number sense that we need to improve the caliber and character of those serving in public office. Voters are concerned about the nobility, integrity and kindness of those either serving or wanting to serve in public office. The Bethlehem Republican Party, as the minority major party, has an important role to play in providing the alternative argument to the “same-old, same-old” status quo. Our role in providing that alternative argument is more important than the attainment of lucre, public position or influence for any of its town or county party officers.

My fellow committee members, you have an important decision to make regarding the direction of our committee and the way this committee is viewed by our town’s Republican voters and voters at large. Will we serve our voters or will we only serve ourselves? Can we love our voters or will we only love ourselves?

The campaign of the candidates for town offices that I endorse will ask the following questions of our voters, “If I could show you innovative ways to reduce government spending by 5 or 10 percent without reducing government services, would you be interested? If I could show you innovative ways to reduce government spending by 20 percent with little but some reduction in government services, would you be interested? If not now, when? Would you consider, regardless of your party affiliation, volunteering for or contributing to such a team of candidates? Please contact me at jared@jaredking.org, if interested.

In the words of President Lincoln, with malice towards none and charity towards all, I welcome the support of our Gallant Republican Party candidate slate so that we all may have a brighter future.

Jared King, Delmar

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