Candidate under fire from own party

GOP serves supervisor hopeful Jared King with accusatory letter

— Republican and Bethlehem supervisor hopeful Jared King is on the outs with his own party.

Although it’s not inconceivable that would be the case when it comes to a committeeperson challenging a party’s endorsed candidate, it is rarely put to paper.

The leadership of the Albany County Republican Committee has sent King what amounts to a cease and desist letter, claiming he has exhibited a history of defamatory action that has come to a head with his recent effort to primary the party’s pick for supervisor, Fred DiMaggio.

DiMaggio has stepped down from his position as the Bethlehem GOP Committee chairman to focus on his campaign, and Peter Kermani, the former head of the County Republican Committee, has taken over.

DiMaggio said the committee’s troubles with King started long before the past few weeks.

“We repeatedly tried to engage him in a positive way,” DiMaggio said. “He has not worked for the collective good of the committee. … With Jared, it’s not the common goals, it’s what Jared’s goals are.”

Counsel to the county Republican Committee Bryon McKim, who is also a committee member hailing from the City of Albany, composed the letter sent to King. He said he’s been aware of the leadership’s problems with King for about a year.

McKim said King has made defamatory statements about members of the party, though he did not elaborate on specific charges. He described the letter as an instrument to make it clear King does not speak for the party. He also said King has regularly derailed meetings and made it difficult to get the party’s work done.

“Jared has disrupted and hurt the town committee to the point where there’s members who don’t show up anymore. There are members who have walked out when he’s gone on his diatribes and disrupted meetings,” he said.

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