POV: Pass public funding of elections

This levels the playing field by allowing potential candidates who otherwise qualify but lack money or the time and help, to run for office.

Republicans allied with the crossover Democrats in the NYS Senate are refusing to allow the bill to come to the floor for discussion, despite the support of the governor and its usual passage in the Assembly. In the latest Siena poll 60 percent of New Yorkers want public funding. It works and we need it.

If we want our government back we need to tell the Republicans to allow a democratic process to proceed on this bill and stop their obfuscations and misrepresentations.

This law will save much of now wasted taxpayer money, for only $2 per voter we will be spared the loss of taxes, the subsidies, exorbitant no-bid contracts, payments to create jobs to corporations that never materialize, and other such outrages and rip-offs.

“Don’t go home Without It” was the message of 500 or more demonstrators from all over the state demanding passage of this bill at the Capitol last week.

Let your senator and the governor know public funding of elections should finally happen in New York state.

We have until the June 20 adjournment to convince Republicans and the rebellious “crossover” Dems to pass this law. We are closer than ever to success.

It is a moral issue — and simply, the right thing to do.

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