LETTER: GOP leadership’s statements false

Editor, The Spotlight:

I am a committeewoman in the Bethlehem Republican Committee. I have been present at all meetings at which Jared King has been present.

In response to the quotation from Chairman Fred DiMaggio, “(Jared) has not worked for the collective good of the committee ...,” if the “collective good” means Fred’s goals, then that is true. If the “collective good” means gathering the most signatures for all candidates in every election cycle, then, no, that is not true.

Expressing one’s opinion is not disruptive. When even allowed to express an opinion, although at times critical, Jared’s criticism is neither bitter nor impolite. Jared tries to hold Fred to Robert’s Rules, and I think that is a good thing. Sadly, during the last two meetings, Chairman DiMaggio and now Chairman Peter Kermani have threatened to call the police when Jared merely raises a point of order regarding how the meetings were being run.

I also accompanied Jared two weeks ago to Kenwood Manor Assisted Living. At the front desk, Jared asked permission to gather signatures. The receptionist called someone and then left the desk to talk to someone while Jared spoke pleasantly to a resident he knew who was seated in the lobby.

Upon her return, the receptionist said, “You were to have been told that you were not supposed to visit again.” Then Jared responded that he had not been told that he was not to return, and then we left. Jared did not raise his voice at all and was not at all argumentative. That statement is so false!

Jared is a brilliant man, and I strongly support his candidacy for town supervisor. I understand that this is a political campaign, but the other side should not make false accusations. That’s wrong!

Nancy Benedict


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