EDITORIAL: To the Class of 2013: Four more years!


To quote a meme that’s been making the rounds on the Internet, you’ve gotten through the easiest part of life!

We kid. Well, maybe there’s a little truth to that. But that’s no grounds for despair. It’s kind of just how life is, really. The past four years have been spent preparing you for the next four – which will be a lot harder but also a lot more rewarding, trust us – to be followed by the next block of life, and so on and so forth. There’s apparently supposed to be a point where you get to lie around and sip lemonade, but we’re pretty sure that’s mostly just for investment firm commercials.

The big four years of high school are over. So what about the next four? The majority of you will be heading off to college in the fall, and others will be launching into careers. We’d remind you to work hard and eat your vegetables, but you’re probably getting a lot of that kind of advice from all corners. Instead, may we recommend the following: be open to new experiences, pursue what excites you and above all, embrace change.

The gravitas of the word “change” might have been deflated somewhat thanks to a certain politician, but it’s the most important word for this stage of your life. A lot can change in four years. The Class of 2013 was heading into its freshman year of high school in 2009, for example. Barack Obama had just been inaugurated for his first term in office. The economy was in an absolute tailspin that makes today’s troubles look laughable. Detroit automakers were filing for bankruptcy. The new iPhone 3GS had just been released. And the nation was embroiled in a fierce debate over the future of health care (well, some things never change).

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