LETTER: Time to clean house in Bethlehem GOP

Jared sought to inform the committee that the meeting was illegal as not all members had been notified. When Jared said, “Point of Order,” the leadership responded, “Shut up!” which Parliamentarian McKim dishonestly characterized to The Spotlight as a “diatribe.” McKim labeled Jared’s utterance as “dilatory,” without hearing the point. Disgusting! Worse, I’ll bet this lawyer sees himself as a judge.

Mr. King doesn’t raise his voice, follows Roberts Rules scrupulously, including the rule on decorum, yet is blamed for being disruptive. It is laughable. The leadership has such nerve: They yell, intimidate, lie and like all good autocrats, label opponents with the traits that they exhibit. It’s classic 1984 doublespeak.

We should all be grateful to Jared for enduring these phony attacks to his reputation. We all know that it is character which matters and IMHO Jared King has “the right stuff.” Members of the Bethlehem Republican Party should rally to Jared King’s candidacy.

I am no longer willing to tolerate the bad behavior on the Bethlehem Republican committee. It is time to clean house!

Mitchell Goldstein


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