EDITORIAL: Don’t shut out the School’s Out sale

The streets of Old Delmar are certainly not Manhattan — but they are not the remote Yukon, either. We must wonder what sort of expectation of peaceful repose comes in neighborhoods in which the houses are built nearly on top of one another (in a tasteful, charming way), and within walking distance of a great many businesses, schools, churches and other institutions.

We hear all the time of the benefits of a walkable community — then seemingly in the same breath, complaints about noise or light pollution. We hear calls for support of local business — but noses are turned up at the inevitable changes that come with successful enterprises.

We hate to accuse anyone of a term that has become so distasteful as “NIMBYism,” but when the shoe fits…

If the residents near the former admin building truly cannot stomach the sounds of children playing for a few hours on a summer day, or an extra few cars pulling over momentarily onto the wide street’s shoulders to drop off youngsters, then it is entirely their right to protest this sale and to be heard and taken seriously.

So if the sale doesn’t go through and the building is not turned over to School’s Out, then what will become of it? According to the district, several companies eyeing it for office space took a walk after inspecting the building. It’s unlikely anyone would drop nearly half a million dollars for the property, then spend more money to tear down the building and build a home. We have to wonder, exactly what use would be conducive to this property?

Seemingly without answer, the default future without a School’s Out sale will be for it to sit there, sucking up taxpayer money as it gradually falls into disrepair. It will be up to the residents of Delmar to decide which scenario is more palatable.

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