EDITORIAL: Kudos (and attention) in order for EMS

First things first. Things are looking a little different on page 6 this week.

You’ll notice things have been rearranged, but more importantly, we’ve added a sidebar we plan to make a running feature: The word on the street.

We’ve been running a weekly online poll for some time now, and through it and our letters page we find members of our community are generally more than eager to give their opinions on the issues of the day. We decided to take that one step further by featuring a few local voices here on the opinion page, then letting the community as a whole weigh in on the weekly question at our website.

A Spotlight reporter will be at a public place sometime during the week before the feature’s publication gathering opinions. If you spot a Spotlight-er, feel free to say “hi.” This presents us with another opportunity for us to get to know you, and vice versa.

Editor's Note: You can also see this new feature on our website within the "Opinion" section under "On the street." The online version may feature longer answers from those questioned.

Moving on, we aren’t the only institution in town that’s trying something new this year. Reporter Marcy Velte this past week covered the annual Community Awards that recognized Bethlehem’s outstanding first responders. Among the awards handed out was one for the newly formed Delmar-Bethlehem EMS, which was awarded to the entire membership for “their ability to set aside personnel differences for the health and safety of town residents.”

You see, a merger of Delmar EMS and Bethlehem EMS became effective as of the first of this year, effectively combining two separate services into an ambulance corps that covers the entire town. And we think the organization as a whole should be recognized for that groundbreaking effort, and even treated as a trailblazer in this regard.

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