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Bethlehem board sets referendum to remove highway superintendent job

— One speaker suggested allowing more time for the vote to take place and to use an interim highway superintendent (Public Works Commissioner Erik Deyoe will presumably be appointed upon Sagendorph’s retirement) until the vote takes place.

Clarkson said all the issues were discussed at a previous public hearing and the board had opted to go forward with the plan. Board members then felt having the public vote on superintendent candidates while also deciding whether or not the position should be abolished might be perplexing.

“We not only passed the local law last meeting, but we passed a resolution stating the day and time of the vote. You voted for it,” Clarkson said to Dawson. “I feel at this point, we as the board have a moral obligation to go forward.”

Board backs off SAFE Act, public stands up

During the public comment section, the supervisor set aside 40 minutes for a large number of people attending the meeting to share their opinions on the board’s previous proposal to vote on a resolution in favor of the state SAFE Act.

He added that no matter what was to be said, the board was no longer voting on a resolution for or against the new gun law. All members of the board concluded the law was not under their jurisdiction and the larger discussion would impede the board’s ability to discuss important town matters.

Of the 12 people who spoke, all were against a resolution in favor of the law.

Denis Northrup, a previous president of the Bethlehem Sportsman’s Club, took the time to explain to the board some of the nuances of the law that that angered gun owners. Others compared the situation to drunk driving laws in the state.

“We don’t legislate or prohibit the sale of alcohol to law abiding citizens. When we enact legislation against the illegal use of alcohol by drunk drivers, we direct that legislation against the drunk drivers for the good of the community,” said Glenmont resident Tim Sellati. “We don’t monitor how much people purchase on a daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis.”

Clarkson promised the topic would not be brought up again during his administration.

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