POV: Look for the ‘36’ in the dairy aisle

Editor's note: The author is the 2013-14 New York State Dairy Princess.

I recently attended The Farm Bureau Taste of New York Event at the Empire State Convention Center, where I handed out a variety of dairy products. From cheese to ice cream to Greek yogurt to mint milk, these were just some of the dairy products that I had the chance to help hand out to the guests. All these dairy products were produced and made in New York.

You would be surprised about the size of New York’s dairy industry. Five thousand, six hundred dairy farms are spread across New York, and these farms are 98 percent family owned.

The industry generates over $10 billion each year. As you can see, the industry is full of plenty of hardworking people, especially the dairy farmers.

Be sure to support the dairy farmers of New York by purchasing some of their locally made products. Next time you’re in your local store look for the number 36 on your dairy product. The number 36 proceeds the four digit plant code that is placed on dairy products; 36 indicates that this dairy products was made in New York.

The Taste of New York was a unique event bringing together producers, consumers and farmers. I was honored to attend and help to promote New York’s outstanding dairy industry and its hard working dairy farmers.

On March 4, I was a guest at the Capital to receive a resolution put forth by Senator Kathy Marchione and was privileged to attend a session of the Senate. A special thank you to Senator Marchione. She and her staff invited me to her office, showed me around the Capital, allowed me to visit the floor of the Senate and learn many things about our government and the history, rules and etiquette of the New York State Senate.

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