POV: Even a crowded house can get lonely

Editor's note: This article first appeared in the May edition of Capital District Parent Pages.

Finding out that you are going to have triplets changes your thought process in so many ways. There are the obvious: bigger vehicle, finances being pushed to the limit, possible disabilities, bed rest and worries about what happens after the babies are actually outside of your body and need attention 100 percent of the time.

For me, being pregnant with triplets was the easy part. The stress on my body felt minimal, except for the modified bed rest. When climbing the stairs prompted early contractions, I made a little nest upstairs with a mini refrigerator and microwave. I had my computer, television, telephone and books. Down the hall were my bedroom and bathroom. I sat in my recliner and stared out the windows daydreaming. My little nest was in the same room that the children were going to live in once they were born and home from the NICU.

I spent the time preparing for my life after the children arrived. I studied books on higher order multiples, watched television shows to glean information that might be helpful, and the Internet became my resource for all things helpful and terrifying. I made sure that I would have a triple stroller, a vehicle that could accommodate three car seats safely and legally. I made sure that we had the right furniture, toys and a beautiful nursery.

Higher order multiples are often born premature and spend time in the NICU getting stronger and being monitored in case of an emergency. I was prepared for the children to stay behind when I went home, and I was blessed that the staff at St. Peter’s Hospital cared for them so well. I did not like going home empty handed, but I understood the reasons. Recovering from a cesarean section is not easy, but knowing the children were being so well cared for while I was home recovering helped.

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