Stitt Road to go public

Guilderland will acquire private road through eminent domain after buses stop running

— Larned said the process of handing over the road was, at least partially, held up because Stitt Road residents wanted to make the entire road public and he couldn’t “readily” bring it up to required standards.

The delay in the town’s action towards commencing proceedings stems from Fred Wagner, owner of Helderberg Excavating & Trucking, Inc., requesting additional time before the process begins.

Wagner, who owns a portion of land being mined in the neighborhood, claims to be near completing negotiations with Fred and Christina Audi to purchase a portion of their property. Wagner’s property is land-locked and Stitt Road is possibly not up to specifications for heavier vehicles and equipment.

The Audis appeared receptive to the deal, but Wagner would still have to purchase another portion of land from Larned. Wagner said he was looking to acquire around a 15- to 20-foot strip of land through the properties.

For around an hour during the meeting, neighbors debated whether or not the road should be public and Wagner’s proposal to acquire land to access his property. The town has no control over Wagner’s proposal since it’s a private land purchase, but it can regulate the usage of land.

Steve Wilson, who has lived on Stitt Road with his wife since 1966, said he was pleased to see the town moving forward on acquiring the road. Wilson said the main issue is determining if the type of traffic on Stitt Road is aligned with the neighborhood needs.

“It has been a long difficult trip to get to where we are tonight,” Wilson said. “If we can move this toward a road built to town specifications … and we can continue to have the services we have enjoyed … that is going to be a wonderful thing.”

Some services would also be added with the acquisition, such as town leaf pick-up and snowplows coming down the street. There is also a forever-wild parcel located off Stitt Road that would be turned over to the town.

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