Letter: Voters lucky to have Julie Sasso on the ballot

Editor, The Spotlight:

As I think about the upcoming election for Town Board, I can’t help but think that this town is very lucky to have a candidate like Julie Sasso on the ballot. I have known Julie for over a decade, both as a friend and fellow parent, and in that time I have come to see her as one of the most competent and conscientious people I know. When Julie first considered running for the Town Board position, she did so because she felt that it wasn’t enough just to have an opinion about the direction the town was moving in or the individuals in office. She is someone who truly believes that each of us has the responsibility to be active members of our community and that we can’t complain if we aren’t willing to contribute our time and talents. And as an active leader in local organizations and school groups, many can attest to the positive impact of Julie’s talents. She is dedicated, principled, professional and smart.

Anyone who has ever known or worked with Julie knows that if you want something done well, you should give it to Julie Sasso. One of her greatest attributes is her ability to seek out and engage the strengths and talents of those with whom she is working. Julie is far more interested in the process of collaboration for a common goal than in partisanship or grandstanding-two things that just don’t matter to her. She is committed to getting things done and in getting them done in as straightforward a way as possible.

As a local business owner, Julie has demonstrated her commitment to Bethlehem’s vitality, as well as her dedication to its continued success. She believes in this town’s potential and she has invested her very life and livelihood here. She’s in it for the long haul.

Whether or not she is elected to the Town Board, I know that Julie will continue to give back to our community in whatever way she can, but I must tell you, to miss out on an opportunity to have someone of this caliber working for you on Bethlehem’s Town Board would be a real shame. For me, it will be an easy vote to cast.

Mary Convertino


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