Letter: Hyer most qualified candidate

Editor, The Spotlight:

I am writing to convey my strong support for Howard Hyer, who is clearly the most qualified of the candidates seeking the office of Bethlehem Highway Superintendent.

One of the most important aspects of the highway superintendent’s job is to effectively supervise a staff of approximately 60 employees. Howard is the only candidate who has actual supervisory experience with the current staff of highway department employees, and thus we know that he will be able to handle this important task because he has already demonstrated that he can. Moreover, Howard will be in the best position to have the ongoing respect of the highway department staff because he has worked along side of them in all aspects of their work and he has already shown his capabilities as a manager as he advanced through the supervisory ranks during his 21 years with the Highway Department. He is the only candidate who has this real world, hands-on experience in doing and managing all of the various tasks needing to be done in this town on any given day.

In addition, Howard is committed to using the most efficient methods, tools and analytical techniques available in order to maximize how much work gets done, while still maintaining safety for the public and the staff, and within the limited budget resources available to the department each year. Although the office of highway superintendent is still an elected position, this is not a position where personal political connections and affiliations are more important than the actual knowledge, expertise, and experience to get the job done each day.

I urge all of the voters of the Town of Bethlehem to think long and hard about what it really takes to handle the important job of highway superintendent, and then compare the knowledge, expertise, and actual hands-on experience that each of the candidates offers. There is no doubt whatsoever that Howard Hyer stands ready to assume the full range of responsibilities of the job on what could be a very stormy Jan. 1, 2014, or any given day thereafter.

Paul N. Miller

South Bethlehem

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