Letter: Dan Cunningham has what it takes

Editor, The Spotlight:

For the past 10 years, I have worked for municipal governments in different leadership positions, including three years as Bethlehem town supervisor. I have developed a sound understanding regarding how local government works and how it can best serve the taxpaying residents of Bethlehem. Town government has the responsibility of being fiscally responsible and providing essential services to ensure the public safety; provide for the ongoing maintenance of our roads and highways; delivering clean water; maintaining a sanitary sewer system and protecting our more vulnerable citizens. I believe that effective delivery of these essential services at the lowest possible cost to the taxpayers should be the primary focus of all government officials.

I support Dan Cunningham for Bethlehem Town Board, not just because he is my brother, but because Dan believes, as many Bethlehem residents do, that we need to rein in spending and focus on those core services that are the primary mission of local government. As a business leader, Dan understands how to encourage economic development and believes that government tax hand-outs are not the path to a successful plan. He understands the difference between economic development and real-estate development. If elected, Dan will focus his energies on those items that matter most to town residents.

Dan is a member of the Independence Party; he is not beholden to the Democratic or Republican Party bosses. He believes that elected officials should answer to the residents of our town. His moderate approach and his thoughtful way will bring balance into the policy and planning discussions that take place on the Town Board.

Dan is my older brother so I am not exaggerating when I say that I have known him my entire life. I have always known him to be one who is passionate about his convictions. He has taken on this commitment after years of working in business development and after studying and working to help support our town government. When he is elected he will hit the ground running. I am confident that Dan will make an excellent Councilman and that our community will be well served by electing him to the Bethlehem Town Board.

On Election Day, I encourage all voters to select the one Town Board candidate who will focus his energies on us, by voting for Dan Cunningham for Bethlehem Town Board.

Jack Cunningham

Former Bethlehem Town Supervisor

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AlexD 2 years, 3 months ago

BREAKING NEWS.....former Town supervisor endorses his brother for elective office. kind of like man bites dog! but let me get serious for a minute. Everyone knows Jack Cunningham simply does whatever MAtt Clyne tells him to. Clyne got him appointed to the County leg seat he use to have, Clyne got him Appointed Town Supervisor and after he lost reelection Clyne got him his current job as DPW guy in Colonie. the fact is Matt Clyne cut a deal with the Republicans to get Dan Cunningham the republican endorsement for town board after He was rejected by the Town Dems.... Yes that right Dan Cunningham interviewed with the Bethlehem Dems for town board this past spring. And rather than run primary that Cunningham couldn't win --REMINDER jAck Cunningham lost a town board primary last year to Bill Reinhardt. Clyne/ Cunningham decided to run as a republican.


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