Letter: Despite law, signs remain an issue

Editor, The Spotlight:

This is in regard to the article by Marcy Velte in your issue of Aug. 21 entitled “Inspector: Sign law is working.”

I beg to differ with the claims of Building Inspector Gil Bouchard!

Yesterday I drove down Wemple Road down to Route 144 and saw many signs that were closer than 5 feet from the road. Also, one of those vying for the highway position had at least six signs on commercial property just below the railroad tracks and two of those were too close to the road! Also, the same person’s signs were too close to the road on 144. Mr. Bouchard can’t be checking very well if he things all candidates are following the law!

Another issue is, why is it necessary to “go out on voting days or the night before” to pick up signs before voting begins? In the past, candidates were expected to pick up their owns signs within a few days after the election. Just more work for Building Department employees methinks!

Daniel Smith


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keithwiggand 2 years, 4 months ago

I do not understand why commercial properties cannot have campaign signs in front of their businesses - this law is a violation of those business owner's first amendment rights to free speech, which the Supreme Court has upheld many times in the past....ALL property owners pay taxes, and they have the right to convey their choices for elected offices, as they are effected by elections just as much as anyone else.

Another obvious effort by our Town Hall of controlling public opinion, if you ask me.


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