Letter: Times calls for experience

Editor, The Spotlight:

I have been campaigning without a political, or party, endorsement for the last three months to earn the opportunity to lead the Highway Department. With no prior political experience I have accomplished two goals by securing a ballot position and winning the Republican primary. I consider the position of highway superintendent to be a job that I have been preparing for over the last 21 years, not a political office that I have aspired to. I patiently and diligently persisted in advancing my career while working under Gregg Sagendorph. I have held several positions in the Highway Department including foreman, fleet manager and assistant director of highway operations. I currently lead the administrative staff of the Highway and Public Works departments while overseeing the Compost Facility, Transfer Station and fleet maintenance personnel of the Highway Department.

As I stated at the recent candidate forum I have never considered myself to be a politician. I do have the best interest of the taxpayers at heart. I want to provide safe and well maintained roadways, and I will preserve Bethlehem’s reputation of being a desirable community to live in. I will keep fiscal, environmental and safety issues a priority while providing a fair and positive managerial approach to the office of highway superintendent.

Several past and present politicians have come out publicly to support candidates with no experience in the Bethlehem Highway Department. Twenty-one years of experience, knowledge and managerial skills coupled with a history of successful career advancement within the Highway Department and the town has left me wondering, what is the value of a political endorsement?

I am appealing to you, the educated voters of Bethlehem, to look beyond these types of endorsements, beyond party affiliations, beyond persuasive media and beyond popular votes. It’s time to look at the facts. Who is best equipped to take on the challenges of this position today? Do you think it is better to accept a politician’s opinion or to ask people with firsthand knowledge of the department?

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