No brush off with American Painting

Founder Chris Tobin says customers can expect a high-quality job done on time

American Painting specializes in residential painting jobs.

American Painting specializes in residential painting jobs.

Chris Tobin has found inner peace and success in upstate New York.

Since moving from New York City to Greenville approximately 10 years ago, Tobin said he’s enjoyed upstate life and operating his business, American Painting.

“I wanted my son (Kevin) to be raised upstate, and my whole life I came upstate and spent my summers up here,” said Tobin. “I always looked forward to coming upstate to the Catskills.”

Tobin was an elevator technician when he lived in New York City, but he said he always dabbled in painting houses.

“When I moved upstate, I started the painting business because I was always painting. I’d been painting houses in the city since I was 16 years old,” said Tobin. “In my heart, I always wanted to start a painting business.”

Starting a painting business is one thing. To make it successful, Tobin said he uses his gregarious nature to sell people on hiring him.

“I’m a friendly, outgoing guy. I reach out to people,” said Tobin. “I’m active in my church, so I get a lot of jobs through my church.”

The message Tobin sends to every person he works for is they will receive a high-quality job that’s done on time.

“I have a good reputation. When I say I’m going to be there, I’m going to be there,” said Tobin.

Tobin said the secret to performing a high-quality painting job is preparing the work site the right way and using a particular brand of paint.

“I believe it’s all in the prep work. I power wash everything I do, especially outside walls,” said Tobin. “And I believe in using Sherman Williams paint. It’s the elite paint. They last a long time, and they have a lifetime guarantee.”

Tobin also said he carefully selects the crew he works with on any job.

“The people who work for me have a lot of experience … and they’re trustworthy,” said Tobin. “I have two main guys and myself, but on a lot of jobs I usually have at least one more person … sometimes two.”

Tobin and his crew do more than just paint houses, though. They also work on outdoor decks and porches, as well as some carpentry.

“I do commercial and residential (projects), but I’d rather do residential,” said Tobin.

For more information about American Painting and to set up a consultation with Tobin, call 966-4238.

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