Come clean with Service Solutions

Company specializes in gently washing exterior surfaces

When it comes to home upkeep, many homeowners don’t realize that siding, deck and concrete maintenance should be done on a regular schedule to prevent permanent damage.

The elements are hard on those materials. Vinyl siding can collect grit and mold, the grooves in stamped concrete harbor dirt and grime from repeated foot traffic, rain takes a toll on wooden decking, and composite decking is known as a “mildew magnet.” Most manufacturers recommend these products be cleaned every 2-3 years. Left uncleaned, they could experience permanent damage and staining.

Service Solutions has been solving this problem for 27 years. The company specializes in cleaning siding, walkways and decks of all kinds throughout the four-county Capital District, and they don’t just blast the surfaces with a pressure washer either.

“When it comes to the way we do things, what makes us different is we don’t think of ourselves as a ‘pressure washing’ business. We’re not trying to clean with pressure,” said Don Sweet, owner of Service Solutions.

Sweet said he and his staff focus on “non-destructive” processes, such as using gentle cleaning agents and hand scrubbing, to get the best results. There’s still a pressure washer involved, but it’s just one tool in the arsenal.

The staff at Service Solutions, which numbers 10-12 during the busy spring and summer seasons, is also careful to protect the landscaping surrounding the cleaning zones.

Sweet said it is that kind of care and experience that has earned the company many repeat customers, some of whom have been using the company for years.

“I’d say about 80 percent of our customers are repeat clients,” said Sweet.

Service Solutions was founded in1987, specializing in aluminum siding cleaning. Over the years, vinyl has replaced aluminum as the building material of choice, but Service Solutions has remained focused on its siding-cleaning roots.

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