Beltrone driver class keeps seniors cruising

— A local senior center is hosting a driver safety fair with seminars and advice on the best vehicles and techniques to keep seniors safe.

The fair, titled ”Keep on Cruising, The Secrets to Driving Safer, Longer,” will be at the Beltrone Living Center to give seniors the tools they need to stay on the road on Wednesday, May 28, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“We have been in the driver safety business for four or five years. We created driver fitness centers. This came with the recognition that older drivers and families come to a difficult time where they have to decide if they can keep driving or need to look for other modes of transportation,” said Ed Neary, executive director at the Beltrone Living Center.

As seniors age, things such as their sight, decreased mobility and medications can make it unsafe for them to be on the road.

“If it’s not the right thing to keep them on the road. We help them to see what other options they have. Family is quick to volunteer, but follow through can be difficult. … This is just another way to get the message out and encourage older drivers that there are solutions out there to help them maintain their independence,” said Neary.

Fair organizers are bringing in Roger Dames, a former police officer who has also instructed driver safety classes for AAA.

Another item that will be discussed at the fair is the Yellow Dot Kit, which is promoted by the Albany County Sheriff’s Department and helps first responders provide aid effectively in the event of an accident. First responders will see a yellow dot on the windshield or door and know they can go to the glove box and see what medications or health issues the driver may have.

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