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Irene storms Schenectady County [Photos/Video]

Tropical Storm Irene held Schenectady County in its grasp as flood waters reached historic levels.

County: Private wells could be contaminated

The Schenectady County Environmental Health Unit has issued guidelines for well disinfection due to flooding.

Niskayuna residents can return home

Town lifts water conservation order

After the New York State Power Authority ended the "Type B" emergency at Lock 7, Niskayuna officials are lifting the previous evacuation order for all residents living in low-lying levels along the Mohawk River. Also, officials have lifted the town-wide water conservation order.

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Breathing easy — smarter power

SCEAC: Union College is a leader of sustainability efforts in county

Schenectady County residents should breathe easy knowing the air quality has improved and isn’t a concern of the Schenectady County Environmental Advisory Council.

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Monkey seen, monkey found

Kong has been found.

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Monkey missing from Delmar home

On Monday evening Aug. 22, “Kong,” a 6-pound capuchin monkey ran out the back door of his owner’s house on Hunter Road. He was seen only once since then, on Queen Anne Drive in Slingerlands on Tuesday.

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Protecting the county’s liquid assets

DEC: Pollutants keep some bodies of water from supporting appropriate uses

Water recreation is a staple of the summer season, but according to the Department of Environmental Conservation, there are a few bodies of water in Schenectady County that are not always supporting their intended usage because of pollutants.

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Jobs the focus of Tonko’s Altamont town hall

Tonko spoke often and at length about the need to stimulate job growth, and put in certain terms that he does not feel slashing the federal budget is the way forward.

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First day of fair welcomed by fair day

The Stinger makes North American debut at Altamont Fair

The doors swung open at the Altamont Fair yesterday under rainy skies, but by the afternoon the clouds were clearing and the crowds were already turning out for the 188th annual event.

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A fair week for all

118th Altamont Fair to kick off with all-inclusive passes making a return

Next week the population of Altamont will surge as thousands converge on the small village for its biggest yearly event: the Altamont Fair.

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Barking up the right tree

Elmsere veterinarian celebrates five years in business

Dr. Tara Estra is a transplant from the big city, but now that she's settled in the Capital District, she says she's found a sense of community here and intends to stick around.

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Learning from their elders

Beltrone residents teach Shaker kids

It was over 90 degrees on Friday, July 22, but that didn’t stop students from the Shaker High School Summer Program from traveling to the Beltrone Living Center to pick up a few tips from the Gardening Club to help manage their own community garden.

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Rotterdam's roost

Santabarbara shares his experience with pet chickens on the Schenectady Today Show

Two chickens were the stars of the public access television program The Schenectady Today Show on Tuesday, July 19.

Residents continue to voice landfill concerns

Residents expressed concern over the possible expansion of the town’s landfill as a result of a private partnership with Waste Connections, Inc., as well as how much waste could come from other municipalities.