The Porco Trial and Case

This Section lists the Stories from the Porco Murder case and trial.


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UPDATE: Porco movie to air as planned

Lifetime Network fought decision to keep made-for-TV movie from airwaves

The Lifetime Network movie about the Christopher Porco murder case set to air this weekend will air as planned after the 29-year-old subject obtained an emergency court order to halt its premier.

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Porco movie to air March 23

Lifetime movie to showcase Delmar killings

Lifetime television network has released the air date of its small screen movie about the Christopher Porco murder case.

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Porco tale headed to small screen

Lifetime movie to portray Delmar Murder and ensuing trial

The infamous Christopher Porco murder story will soon be portrayed through a Lifetime television movie.

Porco appeal moves to state's highest court

Lawyers representing Christopher Porco have filed papers seeking to reverse his 2006 conviction for taking an ax to his parents as they slept in their Delmar home, murdering his father and severely wounding his mother.

Porco verdict upheld

A state appellate court has upheld Christopher Porco's 2006 murder conviction.

Porco appeal scheduled for today

An appeal of the Christopher Porco murder conviction is on the docket for Monday, Nov. 30, in the Appellate Division, 2nd Department in Brooklyn.

Soares names Rossi new chief assistant DA

The district attorney's office announced on Thursday, July 16, that David Rossi has been promoted as the county's newest chief assistant district attorney following the retirement of Mark B. Harris who previously held the post.

Porco investigator and Bethlehem SRO retire from the force

The Town Board has officially recognized the retirements of two senior detectives on the Bethlehem Police Department. Detective Bruce Oliver, a former DARE officer and school resource officer for Bethlehem Central, and detective Christopher Bowdish, an investigator known best for his work on the infamous murder trial of Christopher Porco, have both stepped down.

DELMAR: Porco heads to Dannemora

Officials from the state Department of Corrections have moved Delmar native and convicted killer Christopher Porco from the downstate correctional facility in Fishkill to Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, Clinton County.

Porco transferred to Dannemora

Convicted killer Christopher Porco, a 23-year-old Delmar native, has been transferred from the Downstate Correctional Facility in Fishkill to the Clinton Correctional maximum security prison in Dannemora.

Christopher Porco begins serving 50-year sentence

Christopher Porco is now one of more than 63,000 prisoners in the state prison system in New York and one of the nearly 23,000 prisoners housed in the 16 maximum-security prisons for men in the state.

Christopher Porco gets 50 years to life

Christopher Porco has been sentenced today to 50 years to life for the murder of his father, Peter, and the attempted murder of his mother, Joan

Christopher Porco gets maximum sentence; Convicted killer speaks for the first time

Judge Jeffrey Berry handed out the maximum sentence on one count of murder and one count of attempted murder against 24-year old Christopher Porco for killing his father Peter and severely injuring his mother Joan.

Porco to be sentenced today

Sentencing for Delmar resident Christopher Porco will take place at 2 p.m. today in Albany County Judicial Center. An Orange County jury convicted Porco in August of murdering his father, Peter Porco, and attempting to murder his mother, Joan, in their Delmar home in November 2004.

Christopher Porco to be sentenced today

Sentencing for Delmar resident Christopher Porco will take place at 2 p.m. today in Albany County Judicial Center.