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Emergency backup for peace of mind

Ambrose Electric installs top-quality generators and so much more

An extended power outage can be quite the hassle — melting food in the freezer, no lights for hours, no air conditioning and no TV — but a backup generator can help maintain all those comforts. Ambrose Electric can help give homeowners that peace of mind.

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Putting fitness into focus

Studio 2020 approach appeals to those wary of traditional gyms

Getting into shape doesn’t necessarily require spending hours working out at a gym, because a focused strength training routine makes staying fit no sweat.

Helping homeowners realize their dreams

Linda Mazzariello is a senior real estate specialist

When it comes to real estate, Linda Mazzariello’s mission is peace of mind.

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Spotlight takes special editions to the next level

Maintains quality news coverage, community involvement

Newspapers must change with the changing times to remain a vital part of their communities, and Spotlight Newspapers is no exception.

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There’s hope for heel pain

Every day, I see two or three patients complaining of pain in the bottom of their heels and arches. Pain ranges from mild, occasional discomfort to cases so extreme that it causes a person to walk with a limp. Now that summer has finally arrived, complaints become more common and more severe.

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Upscale salon styling without the upscale prices

Owner of Ando Hair Salon says he creates a welcoming space for clients

Getting luxury treatment isn’t an indulgent expense at Ando Hair Salon, where affordability and elegance are weaved together.

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Come clean with Service Solutions

Company specializes in gently washing exterior surfaces

When it comes to home upkeep, many homeowners don’t realize that siding, deck and concrete maintenance should be done on a regular schedule to prevent permanent damage.

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You, too, can learn to use a computer

Goodman IT Pro teaches people how to navigate the online world

Goodman IT Pro has stepped up to the challenge of combatting the lack of knowledge when it comes to new technology.

All your banking needs under one roof

CAP COM Financial Center’s state-of-the-art space culminates six decades of growth

What’s waiting for you at 4 Winners Circle in Albany? The answer: The CAP COM Financial Center.

How to manage a financial windfall

Spotlight On Finance

The issue most people face when they come into money is they don’t know what do with it. Unlike the income we earn, we don’t have a plan for windfalls. It’s not part of our budget, so it’s easy to think of it outside the scope of our day-to-day expenses and long-term financial goals. This is the mistake. When newfound money is not part of our plan, it’s easy to spend. It’s also easy to overestimate its true value.

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Where every customer is an individual

National Bank of Coxsackie opens new branch in Glenmont to serve even more people

National Bank of Coxsackie is pleased to announce the opening of its newest branch located in the Town of Bethlehem — right in Glenmont.

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Painters Plus gets the job done right

Company tackles projects big and small

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Chris Nace, grew up around a prosperous business owner and three brothers who operate their own contracting businesses. Their success must have rubbed off on him.

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Moving can make you feel like a fish out of water, planning can bring you home

Spotlight on Finance

Life changes have a way of making us feel like fish out of water. They pull us from the familiar and leave us with an internal desire to wiggle back to a place we are more accustomed to—a place that makes us feel safe. Sometimes these changes are small, like shopping at a new grocery store or being rerouted on your way to work by a detour in the road. Other changes, such as starting a new job or school, are more monumental. But when it comes to really pushing us out of our comfort zone, few things knock the fish tank over quite like a move.

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New mortgage rules are changing the game for lenders, borrowers

Spotlight on Finance

On January 10, 2014, the Ability-to-Repay and Qualified Mortgage Rule of the Dodd-Frank Act was implemented. In short, the rule prohibits lenders from approving a mortgage loan unless they can, according to the Mortgage Banker Association, “make reasonable and good faith determination, based on verified and documented information, that the consumer will have reasonable ability to repay the loan according to its terms.

Banks can be a positive tool when shaping kids’ relationship with money

Spotlight on Finance

According to the FDIC, nearly one-third of the U.S. population does not have a bank account or make regular bank-based financial transactions, such as check cashing, deposits or loans. The outcome for this percentage of people, which is greater than 100 million Americans, is predictable: higher fees to access important financial services while not developing the important history needed to qualify for a mortgage, secure a business loan or borrow for education. The truth about banks is this: they are an important tool for helping individuals build financial prosperity, regardless of income and age, and they should play a large role in the financial education of children.