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New store in Delaware Plaza

H&I Upscale Resale Store hosted a ribbon cutting on June 22 in its new store in Delaware Plaza.

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Getting your financial house in order is a must

Spotlight on Finance

By taking the time to organize and eliminate unnecessary paperwork and policies, review your budgets and evaluate your income, not only can you de-clutter your financial life, but you can also develop a master plan that will improve your relationship with money and, quite possibly, your family?

Trustco Bank Honored With Bauer 5-Star Rating

TrustCo Bank Corp NY announced that Trustco Bank has been awarded a 5-Star (“Superior”) Rating from Bauer Financial, Inc., an independent bank rating company.

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Improvise your way to better negotiation and leadership skills: An interview with Karen Hough

When business leader and author Karen Hough left the stage to pursue a career as an executive in information technology, she was sure of one thing—she didn’t know what she was getting herself into.

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Trustco reveals Delmar branch upgrades

Local Trustco branch holds grand reopening after renovations.

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2013 Spotlight Summer Camp Directory

There's plenty to do this summer with these Capital District camp options.

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2013 Spolight Real Estate Directory

Spring and summer is when many homeowners and home buyers look to their domiciles.

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Protect your child from identity theft

Spotlight on Finance

In today’s tech-savvy society, one in ten American children will become a victim of identity theft. More alarming: according to Jean Chatzky, personal finance columnist, children are 35 times more likely than adults to have their identity stolen, with 15 percent of victims younger than age five. It is one of the fastest growing categories of theft in our country.

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Seven tips for the first-time homebuyer in today’s market

Spotlight on Finance

The real estate industry has been much maligned in recent years. That’s not breaking news. In fact, even real estate tycoon Mortimer Zuckerman has lamented the current state of the housing market, stating that “the most critical factor subduing the demand for housing is that home ownership is no longer seen as the great, long-term buildup in equity value it once was.”

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Family business opens second storefront

Emerich Sales & Service’s Fort Edward building brings ag machinery sales to new market

Emerich Sales & Service has provided customers with affordable prices and friendly service for 45 years, and now the family owned business wants to do the same at a second location.

Neurology Group on cutting edge of fight

Practice helps patients by keeping on top of new medical developments

Battling devastating neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis will take countless hours of research. Yet according to the Alzheimer’s Association, less than 1 percent of patients suffering from the disease who are eligible to be involved in a research trial actually participate.

World class arts experience, close to home

Creativity is the driving force behind the Arts Center of the Capital Region. With art exhibits, performances and events; kids- and teen-oriented vacation arts camps; and visual, literary, performing and culinary arts classes, the not-for-profit corporation is one of the most art unique artistic resources found beyond New York City.

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Rediscover the value and opportunity in your home’s equity

Spotlight on Finance

In late January, some very encouraging news came out of the housing market. According to CoreLogic, a leading consumer, property and mortgage analytics firm, home prices are stabilizing nationwide and the number of homeowners with negative equity decreased by 1.4 million in the first nine months of 2012—a trend that is forecasted to continue through 2013. For homeowners who may be looking for a source of capital that doesn’t tap into savings and retirement accounts, this is very good news

Trustco Bank – a trusted mortgage source

Financial institution offers a variety of mortgage products to customers

Trustco Bank has been one of the top residential mortgage lenders in its markets for decades, including leading all mortgage lenders in origination volume in both 2010 and 2011 in the Capital Region of New York State.

Time for a financial checkup!

For most people, checkups are a regular part of life. Dental visits, auto maintenance appointments and even glances in the bathroom mirror all help people monitor performance, catch potential problems and assure that all is – or will be – well.