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Embrace body and mind at eStudio

When it comes to getting physically fit, the owners of eStudio believe in the whole-body approach, offering classes in yoga, Barre and Spinning that encourage a mindful way to wellness.

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Establish a lifetime of good credit habits and secure your financial future

Spotlight on Finance

Your credit score is your financial transcript. It is compiled from your credit report, which is a detailed accounting of your borrowing history. Lenders use it to establish your credit worthiness and determine what rates you are eligible to receive. Landlords check it when reviewing your application to rent a property. Employers look to it to when assessing your financial habits and character. This is why it is so important to build a strong credit history by making sound financial decisions and using credit wisely.

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To preserve and protect: Understanding how long term care fits into your financial plan

Spotlight on Finance

Our financial well-being and long-term financial security has a direct relationship with the amount of risk we’re willing to assume and how we choose to transfer that risk. Long term care insurance is one way people mitigate risk later in life by providing the insured person with benefits when they can no longer perform a number of pre-defined “activities of daily living.”

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Innovative banking products can help you control your holiday spending

Spotlight On Finance

In recent years, cutting-edge electronics have become an important part of the holiday spending spree. Whether it’s personalized music players, a tablet, the latest gaming system or the latest in high definition television, they are big ticket gifts that make a big impact. They are also big budget busters.

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What you need to know before cosigning a loan

Spotlight on Finance

You might be asked to cosign a loan for a car you don’t drive, a college you don’t attend or a house you don't live in, but that does not change your liability. When you agree to put your name to paper on a joint loan, you’re assuming a risk a lender isn’t willing to take on—and it can have negative consequences, both in the short and long term.

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Retirement straight talk

Spotlight on Finance

Americans are not saving enough for retirement. This is hardly breaking news. When measured against accepted benchmarks—85 percent replacement of preretirement income or 50 percent of preretirement income if you factor income from Social Security—a recent report by the National Institute on Retirement Security states that we’re about $14 trillion short on savings for retirement.

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Going green with your banking and life

Spotlight On Finance

When it comes to going green, it’s not a matter of wasting less or conserving more. It’s not even about reducing your carbon footprint. It’s about making choices that are good for your health and the environment. Not coincidentally, many of these “green” choices are also good for your bank account.

Junk King takes out the trash for you

Rubbish removal company puts a high priority on recycling

Nearing its second year, Todd Porter’s Ravena-based junk-hauling business, Junk King, prides itself for its high level of customer service and effective recycling policy.

Local Allstate agents honored

Insurance company staffers earn ‘Premier’ designation

Delmar’s local Allstate Agency, located at 636 Delaware Ave. (between Stewarts & Bethlehem High School) is proud to announce being the recipient of the distinguished “Premier Agent” designation.

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Karate builds strong minds, bodies

U.S Budokai Karate owner offers Seido classes for all ages

For Hanshi William Reid, Seido Karate is more than just a form of martial arts, but a way of life.

Kinderhook Bank has been there through the years

Financial institution has been serving New Yorkers since 1853

Established in October 1853, Kinderhook Bank is celebrating 160 years of service to the community.

The mission is clear at Dave’s Glass

Four years after buying Dave’s Glass, just about the only thing owner Michael Palmer hasn’t improved upon yet is changing the name of the business.

Own the summer with CDTA

With trolley service to special events and summer youth passes, you’ll be heading in the right direction

Getting the people of the Captial District from place to place is a year-round job for the Capital District Transportation Authority and its 250 iconic buses.

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Welcome to Delmar’s Main Square

For over 25 years, Main Square has been an example of responsible development and contributed to making the streetscape of Delaware Avenue an attractive asset for the town.

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Emergency care is close and convenient at Albany Memorial

If you or someone you love is faced with a medical emergency, you want the best medical care possible, fast. In 2012, people turned to Albany Memorial Hospital more than 48,000 times for just that – expert emergency care.