If you’re expecting a tax rebate, what are you planning to do with it?

Asked at Slingerlands ShopRite on April 3, 2013

Photo of Yaffa Katz

Yaffa Katz ( in Glenmont) says...

“We’re going to redo the kitchen. It has been 30 years (since any improvements were done). … We’ll have to add some (additional) money.”

Photo of Harry Mazza

Harry Mazza ( in Albany) says...

“Pay off some bills … that is typically what I do. If anything is left over maybe put it towards a vacation.”

Photo of Jaylin Frese

Jaylin Frese ( in Coeymans Hollow) says...

“I feel like I’m going to save it because I need to get a new car, so I’ll probably put it in my savings account. Surprisingly, I usually don’t get money back; I usually owe money.”


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