What kind of environmentally friendly things do you do?

Asked at the Four Corners in Delmar on April 22, 2013

Photo of James Daley

James Daley ( in Delmar) says...

“I walk and I recycle of course. … I walk every day three or four miles at least.”

Photo of Wes Czosnykowski

Wes Czosnykowski ( in Delmar) says...

“Think of things that are maybe alternative way of doing things. For instance … I have had this metal razor for 40 years and I buy just the blades … think of how many plastic razors are tossed into the dump.”

Photo of Patsy Schulenberg

Patsy Schulenberg ( in Delmar) says...

“We make sure to recycle everything possible and we have a little garden … of course that is a challenge with the deer.”


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