What is your reaction to the National Security Agency collecting online and phone data?

Asked at Four Corners in Delmar on June 14, 2013

Photo of Connie Dunn

Connie Dunn ( in Delmar) says...

It doesn’t really bother me because I don’t do anything that would warrant (an investigation).

Photo of Don Teator

Don Teator ( in Freehold) says...

I understand the need for security, but I also cannot say that I trust the government fully to not get too much information.

Photo of Nick O’Brien

Nick O’Brien ( in Delmar) says...

I’m surprised that there is such an uproar, because I assumed the government was already looking at all my stuff. I don’t really think it is going to matter for the average Joe … If you are not doing a bad thing you really shouldn’t mind that much.


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