Are the Common Core Standards an effective way to measure students' educational achievement?

Asked at Slingerlands Price Chopper on March 29, 2013

Photo of Michelle Walsh

Michelle Walsh ( in Delmar) says...

My girls kid of work at the higher end, so it is not even an issue for us. … It would be nice if they have Common Core around the country so when you go to school in Florida you aren’t considered to have gone to a bad school. … Coming from the south that is the prejudice that I faced, so Common Core doesn’t bother me.

Photo of Taunya Hannibal-Williams

Taunya Hannibal-Williams ( in Voorheesville) says...

I think it is one indicator, but I am not sure it is the be all, end all. You want to have standards, but I know that it stresses the kids out quite a bit, so it seems there should be a different way of measuring it so the students aren’t stressed out all the time. For my high schoolers it has gotten a lot tougher … but I think that (teachers) are forced to often skip over nuances or make the connections because they are teaching to the test. … I think it is stressful on the students and the teachers. I just wish there was a way they could make it so it wasn’t so stressful.

Photo of William Guinan

William Guinan ( in Greenville) says...

I don’t agree with that, because I think the maturity level is a little off and I think it puts too much stress on the younger children. … I think it is an excuse for (the state) to put more pressure on teachers by punishing the children. If they want to go after teachers do teacher exams. Don’t gauge the teachers on the children. I don’t really think there is a compatibility there.


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