Who would you trust to score the winning goal in a girls soccer game?

Anka Parzych (Niskayuna) 14 votes


Tara Teal (Bethlehem) 12 votes


Diana DiCocco (Schalmont) 781 votes


Morgan Burchhardt (BH-BL) 778 votes


1585 total votes


edelnegro 3 years, 4 months ago

The Schalmont Sabres are running for yet a second consecutive state title. Besides the lack of competitive teams in the Colonial Council, these girls have all around athleticism and heart for the game of soccer. Last year they wiped away the field by winning the state championship for Class B in NY. If you have ever watched one of their games, you would notice that once they score their first goal, they are unstoppable. In the sectional semi-final game at Stillwater, the Sabres dominated but couldn't find the net. Diana DiCocco, a well known striker for the sabres put two away in overtime to lift the Sabres to the sectional finals. After plenty of games the entire team came together and DiCocco put on a scoring clinic. She shadowed in the well-known Megan Strijek, who scored over 100 goals in the course of four seasons. Once in Cortland the girls wiped away the competition. The first goal for the Sabres is always the hardest. DiCocco, a very talented young superstar who now is leading the Sabres in goals for her senior season, always "sparked the fire" and gave the team their first goal in Cortland. What many of us don't see today are the small things on the field: assists, the runs, the crosses, the communication, and overall the leadership. As a freshmen, DiCocco was in the top tier in the council for goals, and now as a senior she takes the role of Strijek and hopes for another sectional, and state title. She can easily be trusted to score the winning goal.


soccermom 3 years, 4 months ago

I doubt there are many teams out there that do not have athleticism and heart for the game of soccer. The team that loses a game 11-0 has to have more integrity for never giving up and finishing the game.

Maybe it is time to reevaluate and reorganize the councils within Section 2 to even out competition and bring the value of a good game back into perspective.

It is important for all teams to be in a council where they can be successful. If a team is winning by 5 or more goals and majority of shutouts then they should be placed in a council where they are better matched.

The best players in every council play travel / premier level year round - these girls should shine and standout in school ball. More importantly when these players graduate how does the team adjust. The success of the team is a team effort - some may put more effort in but ultimately the chemistry of the team is what wins games.


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