ElizabethM 3 years, 7 months ago on EXCLUSIVE: Legislator claims run for office led to firing

I can't believe that this politician is crying again. He constantly appears in almost all of the Spotlight issues showing "concern" for this or that, now is is pretending that he is a victim. It is so typical of a politician to play the victim card. Mr. Santabarbara, millions of Americans have lost their jobs and you want us to believe that you are the only one suffering in this Obama economy where zero growth is the new norm? Please. At least you have a salary from your political job with the New York City democrats that run Schenectady County. Now go run for higher office and be the next do-nothing, smile-always Paul Tonko.


ElizabethM 3 years, 9 months ago on AMVETS post eyed for Rotterdam

I feel bad that these older gentlemen are being used as a political pawn by this politician. This politician is the poster boy of nonsense stories run in the Spotlight. Every issue shows him dressed all up and shaking hands, smiling with the pearly whites and schmoozing the voters. But what does this politician actually do other than play dress up and pretend he is "for" this or "for" that so that the Spotlight can run a story about his supposed doings. Does this politician own the paper or something??

As usual this politician is getting nothing done except getting free publicity about himself. My Father (also a veteran) taught me to spot a fake, and as an adult woman with teenaged girls, I am giving my daughters the same advice. Anyone this smooth is bad news.