JoeSeeman 3 years ago on The show goes on

I'd like to correct a slight misquote. I said "The power of organized people is more powerful than organized money.” The point being that so far, average Americans who want common sense gun control have not yet been able to take on the money of the Gun Industry, which like other Corporate interests, holds too much sway over our government, and has prevented us from having gun control that would have prevented many of the massacres. But if we get ORGANIZED, our power can be greater than the Gun Industry or any Corporations. That's why we encourage everyone to join MoveOn.org, so that we get organized into a movement for real Democracy. Yes that means YOU, please join our local council at http://moveon.org/organize . For your information, the Saratoga MoveOn council organized a public Speak-Out where we welcomed civil & open discussion from all, including opponents of gun control. Our speakers included Saratoga Springs supervisor Joanne Yepsen, Albany County District Attorney David Soares, Pat Nugent of the League of Women Voters, Rev. Sam Trumbore of the Unitarian Universalist society, and others.