Ken 3 years, 12 months ago on 'Contact the Editor' Link

Havent heard anything on the proposal that the Albany County Sheriffs dept.. move to the elementary school in clarksville... i for one am not in favor of this move. There is already a State trooper station less then a mile away. in my opinion the sheriffs dept. should be closer to the malls and the higher populated areas if they want to move..A tiny little hamlet will see increased traffic like whats over in Voorhesville..The town will not be the same for rearing kids with sheriffs cars coming and going, let the buses they use to transport prisoners.. and when the enrollments come back up which they will, try getting them to move after you let them in... i cant see why a business like the sheriffs dept cant stay where they are or closer to the hot spots of crime. Not some little quiet hamlet that has a protector in the state police not but a mere mile away on rte 32.If there looking to expand then ask yourself why? in this little town that cant handle the traffic as it is....wont be long and the area between Delmar and Clarksville will be filled in like Delmar did. it looks like wolf road down there thse days. so be careful in your choices.