PeterG 3 years, 6 months ago on EXCLUSIVE: Legislator claims run for office led to firing

I don't particularly like the guy...Haven't voted for him since he was a Republican and won't likely vote for him for Assembly. But, if he was fired because he decided he'd run for office, that is absolutely inexcusable and I hope he sues! Our government is only as good as those running for office and Chazen has done our State a great disservice by trying to eliminate an individual's right to run for office.


PeterG 3 years, 7 months ago on AMVETS post eyed for Rotterdam

I cannot understand how you can really criticize SPC Santabarbara for this. The man served his nation proudly and now is working with others who did so to form a group of retired members of our armed forces to join together to continue the fraternal relationship they forged doing something most of us would never dare to do.

What's more, after serving his nation proudly, in uniform, he has decided to further benefit his community by holding elected office. What have you done lately to benefit your fellow man?

Far too often our elected officials don't do anything, they sit and collect a pay check and are ambivalent towards their purpose as elected officials. They are often criticized for this, and rightly so. Mr. Santabarbara is bucking that mold and should commended.