Ryan 3 years, 7 months ago on Police: Selkirk man attempted to lure teen

first of all, I am actually 24, not 27

second, don't pay attention to what mainstream media sources have to say. They simply look for the easiest possible news out there, no matter how untrue it may be. This was simply at thier front door, so they jumped at it.

Lastly, It was the Bethlehem PD that lured me. Me and that girl did not exchange sexual text messages until the detective got a hold of the phone and began texting in that manner. Was I wrong in sending sexual messages in return? Of course. but the way the police were texting made it seem like it was the girl who liked talking that way, so to make her happy I reciprocated

The real story is in the corruptness of the Bethlehem Police Department, particularly their investigative department.

Sincerely, Ryan Brooks