february 2 years, 12 months ago on Sidewalks, train traffic top talk in Selkirk

Another topic that was discussed at the fire house meeting was regarding the 6.5 million dollar figure given to the residents of Selkirk who request help in obtaining a grant to help fund new sewer on cottage lane, part of maple ave and part of beaver dam rd in Selkirk. Also help for the many residents who have to pump out water in their basements,etc. these two topics are just as important as the concern for sidewalks and Selkirk bypass.


february 2 years, 12 months ago on Letter: Selkirk residents have heard enough excuses on issues

I have lived in Selkirk for 35 years. I have asking the Town of Bethlehem to help obtain sewer for my street. First I was told to wait till more houses were built. So I believed the town and waited. Then I was advised to wait till the land in back of me was sub-divided because a new road would be created and then we could finally hook up to the sewer lines on rt. 9w. I was also told to get more residents involved which would help with the cost. The town of Bethlehem gave us a meeting resulting only to hear it would cost 6.5 MILLON dollars. A figure I believe is untrue and given to us to stop this request. Your story regarding sidewalks and the Selkirk bypass are just more examples which clearly show what is unfair in regards to the town of Bethlehem helping,caring and understanding the concerns of residents in the hamlet of Selkirk. I feel the residents of Selkirk must come together and demand help from the town of Bethlehem.


february 3 years, 3 months ago on Alan McCartney sits at his new desk at the RCS District office in Ravena.

Yes, I will agree that RCS is a troubled district. Alan McCartney lost his job because to me he was not trustworthy. I want to thank the four board members who were against hiring Mcartney because I ask myself: "What's in place at RCS to make sure McCartney does not misappropriating RCS funds ?". So hopefully the other board members who voted for McCartney will let me know. Trust is important to me. I would not hire a person who is not trustworthy.