gn842 3 years, 4 months ago on UPDATE: Steck clinches Dem line in 110th Assembly

I think the issues is not why Mr. Landry did not do better in Albany, but why Mr. Streck trailed Mr. Landry by only 4 or 5% in Mr. Landry's home turf.

The answer is that a lot of us in the home turf were looking for "anyone but Landry." (ABL) There are several reasons some of us were looking for ABL. One was the butchery of the trees across from Mohawk Mall. Another his awful project on bringing ice cream trucks back to Niskayuna. I never vote in Democratic primaries because I usually figure I'll be happy with the Democratic nominee, but in this case I made a point of going to the polls and voting ABL.

Mr. Landry also ran a Republican style campaign: slandering opponents with cooked up numbers on taxes and talking only about what he would do for business, with nothing about enhancing quality of life or preservation of nature, on which he has an awful record. The truth is in a world where the Republicans were a little less loco (by loco I mean anti-science, anti-gay, anti-education, etc.), Mr. Landry would be very comfortable as a Republican candidate. Because of the capture of the Republican party by wing-nuts Mr. Landry and others like him have had to make their way in the Democratic party. But every now and again real Democrats show up at the polls.