keithwiggand 1 year ago on 'Contact the Editor' Link

Hi: I wanted to inquire as to the availability of back issues of The Spotlight for review.

The Bethlehem Library has online access to back issues up to and including the December 28, 2011, but I am looking for all of the issues after that.

Do you have them at the office, or can I review them online?

Thanks very much for your help.



keithwiggand 1 year, 5 months ago on LETTER: Is Fahy for or against casino plans?

Patricia Fahey is good at one thing: Hiding under her desk whenever an issue can cause her any consternation whatsoever.

Typical politician of the first order, she refuses to get involved in ANY issue important to her constituents - she does whatever King Cuomo and Prince Silver want her to do.


keithwiggand 1 year, 5 months ago on EDITORIAL: Reassessments a bitter pill for some

For some? FOR SOME?

Every single piece of open space in the Town of Bethlehem has been increased by AT LEAST 250% in their assessments. EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE. Many have seen increases of 10 or 20 times than they had previously been assessed.

These are OUR friends, neighbors, and many of them have been here for generations.


The green space is going to be MOWED DOWN. Large parcels of land will be SOLD and DEVELOPED.

This is right? I disagree. This is WRONG.


keithwiggand 1 year, 5 months ago on Landowners balk at assessment increases

The landowners of Bethlehem are under siege.

The people on our Town Board, as well as our Town Supervisor are HYPOCRITES. On the one hand they talk about preserving "OPEN SPACE", "GREEN SPACE", "VIEWSHED", etc., then they reassess "Open Space" so many large property owner's taxes go up 1000% or more.

There is a bigger plan afoot, I can smell it.....

The people of Bethlehem need to email these people and tell them that we MUST delay implementation of this assessment plan so landowners have time to figure out what they can do to save their land.

People, this act by OUR Town Board has forced landowners to reconsider what they want to do with their properties. LARGE tracts of land will be LOGGED. LARGE tracts of land will be SOLD. Many landowners will be forced into BANKRUPTCY.

Look out YOUR windows. I'll bet most of you see TREES and open space.

Is that what We, The People want from this????

I don't think so.

HELP the landowner, it will HELP the homeowner in the long run.

Contact Information:

John Clarkson, Town Supervisor JClarkson@townofbethlehem.org

Jeffrey Kuhn, Town Board jkuhn@townofbethlehem.org

Bill Reinhardt, Town Board breinhardt@townofbethlehem.org

Julie Sasso, Town Board jsasso@townofbethlehem.org

Joann Dawson, Town Board Jdawson@townofbethlehem.org

The telephone number for Town Hall is (518) 439-4955, if you would like to comment directly to the Town Supervisor.



keithwiggand 1 year, 6 months ago on LETTER: Assessments aim to keep properties at market value

Ms. Sasso:

Your response to the plight of landowners and businesses in town is disgusting. You apparently have absolutely no concept of land ownership and the pride that is inherent in the American Dream.

Landowners are a different lot. Many are farmers, although they commonly are descended from farming or allow farmers to use their land for a small fee. Many tracts of this open land or "Greenspace" as YOU like to call it, are not used at all, they just sit there and suck up carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for us to breathe. Many of these open lands are covered with trees, which is certainly a benefit to the rest of the community because of its' beauty. Landowners don't typically sell their land, they like to keep it. In many cases, they allow people in the community to use their land, hunt, fish, ride 4 wheelers and snowmobiles. Their land is a source of community pride and beauty, and an asset that cannot be replaced once lost.

They could cut down every single tree and fill in every single little pond if they wanted to.

But in most cases, they don't.

These landowners don't make their living off of the land. They just let it be. Wildlife abounds on these parcels. And they pay their taxes. For decades, sometimes centuries.

And they don't use ANY PUBLIC SERVICES.

Well, Ms. Sasso, you know what?

YOU have just caused landowners to reassess their pride associated with owning large tracts of land. YOU have caused these people to begin the process of SELLING THEIR PROPERTY.

500% increases in land taxes are draconian, to say the least. We were assessed in 2006 at 100%, then the crash of 2008 came. Now we are being reassessed as if we can sell our land in a day and cash in for these monster land values. Well, Ms. Sasso, we can't.

Farmers won't buy it.

Guys like me won't buy it.


Great, Ms. Sasso. Keep defending this irresponsible policy. Homeowners might save on their taxes. But it is the homeowner who is going to eventually suffer for your mistake.

YOU apparently believe that government can control land use better than the individual landowner. Government can curtail landowner rights. We'll just pass another law. Government is ALWAYS the answer for you people.

It will not work. It has not worked in communities that have done this. Colonie. Guilderland. Altamont. East Greenbush. All failures in their own right. And packed to the gills with DEVELOPMENT.

You cannot stop us from selling our property. You cannot stop us from developing our property. You cannot stop us from logging our property.

You know why? WE have this little piece of paper called the Constitution on our side.

So, this little socialist "redistribution of wealth" experiment is going to fail. Wait and see. Of course, YOU will probably personally profit from it. Watch for all of the FOR SALE signs to pop up in a neighborhood near you.

God Bless the Town of Bethlehem. You're gonna need it.


keithwiggand 2 years ago on Letter: Despite law, signs remain an issue

I do not understand why commercial properties cannot have campaign signs in front of their businesses - this law is a violation of those business owner's first amendment rights to free speech, which the Supreme Court has upheld many times in the past....ALL property owners pay taxes, and they have the right to convey their choices for elected offices, as they are effected by elections just as much as anyone else.

Another obvious effort by our Town Hall of controlling public opinion, if you ask me.