lawabidingcitizen 2 years, 11 months ago on Should local governments get involved in the gun control debate?

Board member Jeffrey Kuhn attempted to pass a resolution in favor of the NY SAFE act and attempted to do so in the EXACT SAME WAY Governor Cuomo passed the Safe Act, no discussion, and no input from the people who elected him to serve. He pressed to have a vote and indicated the vote could take place and THEN the people could comment at the next board meeting.....frankly, his approach scares me and I am truly sorry I voted for him. THANK GOD Linda Jacinski was there to challenge this. Also, after thinking about this for a few minutes, Supervisor Clarkson thought it might be wise to wait to allow some dialogue from the public. Thank you Supervisor Clarkson for your continued support of open and transparent town government. But especially THANK YOU LINDA for being there, because had you not, I'm afraid the damage would have already been done!!!