overtaxed 3 years, 10 months ago on Town has big ideas for new park

Really? Just what the town needs, ANOTHER PARK. How about spending these apparently extra funds and install sewers in the north end of town? Boght Corners is the never thought about area of the town where senior citizens are swimming in old septic tanks because they can't afford to replace them. In a town as progressive as Colonie it's just a shame that we still have areas that do not have sewers. We pay the same tax base as the rest of the town and we deserve the same services. What we don't need is ANOTHER PARK. If you feel the need to do something with the space, plant some grass and mow it every once in awhile. It's ironic that whenever someone wants to build or open a business in the town they always have to have "green space". Make that area green space, and modernize the north end of town