sweetsmile 2 years, 3 months ago on Colonie lets dogs have the run of the park

I checked out the new dog park and have a few concerns. As a long time dog owner who has visited many dog parks over the years I was disappointed in the height of the fencing for larger dogs. I have a 53 lb dog who can clear that fence in a heartbeat. Also there is only a one door entrance. What do dogs do when a new dog comes to visit? They run to the door. Most dog parks have a double door type of entrance to allow owners to remove the leash and to ensure no dogs get out.

Oh and some owners are already not picking up their dogs waste. This has been common in that park for quite some time which is why I stopped using it. People walk in that park with their dogs off leash as well. I have always leashed my dog despite the fact that he is dog friendly. You never know!

Lastly how will the town enforce use by Colonie residents only? Will an employee be stationed there to check tags? Without the checks and balances in place most folks will not pay the fee.