teachdaddy 1 year, 10 months ago on UPDATE: Bethlehem Middle School girls not followed home

Bad enough that walking in town is worth your life already, what with cars trying to run you over, crosswalks ignored, and kids on bikes on the sidewalks coming up behind you without warning. Now a senior citizen can't go out without being accused of being a pervert. From now on, in addition to my walking stick, I'll have to wear a sign that says, "I'm not a dirty old man."


teachdaddy 2 years ago on Letter: With vote intact, use it on Brent Meredith

Here's my question: which one can actually do something about the bottlenecks around town? For example, who can fix the traffic at the Four Corners by eliminating parking on both sides of Delaware Ave., and using the parking lanes to takes traffic around those who are trying to turn left?


teachdaddy 2 years, 8 months ago on Editorial: License record drives home need for reform

Your editorial makes this sound as if it's a somewhat-isolated incident. But we have something similar going on now in the Tri-Village area. Every day, drivers ignore the red lights at the many, heavily-traveled intersections in town, amoing them Elsmere and Delaware Avenues, the Four Corners, and even on the bypass at crossroads there. This was something that was seen only in Albany, but now it has invaded here.. It is only a matter of time before there is a serious "accident".

A recent article in the Times-Union called red-light running a "national epidemic", involving all ages, genders, and economic groups. That is certainly the case here in Bethlehem, where young mothers, their phone in one hand in their big SUV's, high-schoolers speeding down the Bypass trying to get back to class, and men on their way to another deal are too self-important to obey the law.

Supervisor Clarkson commented that it's hard to get people to change their behavior. As a former third-grade teacher, I have a suggestion. First, the carrot: let the police announce that there will be a crackdown on red-light running, while recognizing that good citizens are careful to obey the law. Then, the stick: the police cite those who run the red lights, and like the DWI's, publish the names of those cited in the Spotlight weekly. Then, when these motorists appear in court, they are not allowed to bargain down the charge.

I view driving as a contract. I'll be safe, obey the laws, drive sober, not tailgate, and I'll expect you to do the same. If you can't, you forfeit the "privilege" of driving on the same roads that I use.

I hope the police will quickly move to end this dangerous practice before someone is hurt.


teachdaddy 3 years ago on Letter: Time for town Dems to unite as one group

After reading countless letters promoting all the different recent primary candidates, I wonder about the writers. Besides advocating for their own candidate, I don't see many of them trying to improve the town's problems. For example, where are they on the current traffic situation, with the backups on CherryAve. from Kenwood to Delaware Aves., the insistence of people to turn left from Delaware to Kenwood going west, the absence of turning lanes at that intersection, the inability of drivers to access Bender Lane from Rt. 9W, and the condition of Kenwood, which is is now impassable during and after a heavy rain? Or how about the drinking water, which may be meeting standards, but tastes and smells unmistakably of chlorine? And how about the lack of sidewalks even in the new developments, which the town assured was going to change? Good government advocates --is the election of your candidate the end of the effort?