tombaker 2 years, 7 months ago on Letter: The time for action is now

I'm afraid that I must take very strong exception to certain parts of this article.

1) "Bushmaster AR-15, a military style assault weapon which is essentially a civilian version of an M-16."

Completely false.

An M16 is a "fully automatic" firearm. Such a firearm will discharge repeatedly will one pull of the trigger. It will continue to fire until either the trigger is released, or all the rounds in the magazine have been expended. This is the only kind of firearm that is considered an "assault weapon".

The AR 15 bears a cosmetic resemblance to an m16, but it functions completely differently. The AR 15 is a semi-automatic firearm. It expends one round with one pull of the trigger. To fire a second round the trigger must be released and pulled a second time, and so on. This is exactly how any semi-automatic hunting rifle or shotgun works.

2) "Such weapons are not tools for hunting or self-defense"

Wrong again. Such weapons ARE used for hunting, target shooting, in competition shooting contests, as well as for self defense. There are hundreds of Youtube videos available which back this statement up.

3) "they are high-powered instruments of destruction designed to kill and maim human beings"

This is the kind of wild-eyed hyperbole that leads to public paranoia.

4) "There is also no legitimate reason for lawful gun owners to possess high-capacity ammunition magazines"

Actually there is, for competition shooting, However for hunting or even target shooting I would not use more than a 10 round magazine which is the current legal limit in New York State anyway.

5) "compelling educators to carry concealed weapons while teaching young children is an absurd notion"

I would agree with this. We don't want intruders being engaged within the school buildings, and shots fired around the kids. We want them kept off the grounds completely. To that end I think a good solution would be to have fully fenced campuses with gated entrances. Put your security guards on the gate. If you can't show proper ID you don't get in. If you do show proper ID you still need to pass through a metal detector.

At the end of the day, there's that well known axiom that cannot be denied. "If guns are made illegal, only criminals will have guns". There is no legitimate reason to deny law abiding citizens the possession of firearms and there is a pretty good one to allow it. It's called the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.