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Non-presidential years make for slow election nights

In Bethlehem, there are plenty of intriguing races, led by the three-way race to elect a new Supervisor, and a four-person battle for two seats on the Town Board. With most positions on issues public knowledge at this point, most of the candidates, and the reporters that cover candidates everywhere, are ready for election day to come. When the polls are closed, it appears that the night will be relatively anti-climatic. All the candidates I've spoken to in Bethlehem say they will be at their own locations throughout the night, gathering with a small group of supporters to await results. Some in Delmar, some in Glenmont, but no big bashes. For example, Supervisor candidate John Clarkson told me that he's holding a gathering for supporters, and then heading to a party for town Democrats, but he will likely be at his party until the results come in. Albany County Democrats are holding a party as well in Albany. Meanwhile, top of the ticket Republican candidates are all holding separate gatherings throughout town. It's no indication of how the election will turn out, but I wouldn't be shocked if everybody's in bed before midnight. That doesn't happen every election, and certainly not in a presidential year.


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