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Sheehan and Mahan cast their votes

Today is election day, so I'm sure everyone knows what that means... You guessed it, the obligatory media frenzy around candidates as they vote.

Republican candidate for supervisor Denise Sheehan voted at Veeder Elementary School today and said that she was feeling good about the race. She said she felt she had run a good campaign and that it has attracted a "grassroots response."

"It's nice to be at the end," Sheehan said. "I have faith in the process and I'm prepared to accept the outcome. I'm very hopeful, though."

All signs are pointing to a close race between Sheehan and Supervisor Paula Mahan and Sheehan agrees. She has recently seen a surge in campaign donations and said she has seen a good response from people while doing her door-to-door campaigning and her use of social media. This election day, though, was the first time Sheehan saw her own name on the ballot.

"It's an honor, really, to be in that position and to have the support to get on the ballot," she said. "The ability and privilege to be able to cast a vote for yourself is not one you'd take for granted."

This year's race for the supervisor's seat has had a large focus on the operating agreement for the town's landfill but both Sheehan and Mahan agreed that last week's debate shined a light on various other issues in the town. Sheehan said she hopes that sort of focus will help her win.

"I think the more people who are aware of those issues, I'm hopeful that will lead to my success today," Sheehan said.

Mahan, while happy with how her administration has executed its campaign, is none too happy with how Sheehan ran hers and stood by her assertions that this year's race had been one of the dirtiest she's ever been involved in. She cast the blame Sheehan's way.

"There were a lot of things we basically kept quiet about and felt it was best to keep a professional campaign," Mahan said. "For the people of Colonie, there were a lot of scare tactics out there... I think it was a conscious choice. It was very clear. I put the facts out there. I've always been a professional."

Mahan said she is "very optimistic" about her chances of winning tonight but said she is looking to a much needed break from campaigning. Now that she has voted, Mahan said she's going a take a rest before watching the results come in tonight.

"A little bit more of campaigning and I'm going to take a little time out to see my grandchildren and I'm sure I'll be going pretty late into the evening," she said. "It'll be good for it to be done and for life to go back to normal again, or whatever normal is."

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