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The life of a poll watcher...

It's going to be a long day for Republican Councilman Dan Dustin as he is playing the role of a "poll watcher" today.

When I stopped by Forts Ferry Elementary School, which encompasses districts 52 and 55, around 1 p.m., Dustin was already there and had been since 5:45 a.m. He said this is the first year he has ever done this before but said his main duties are to make sure everything goes smoothly and to report back to the Colonie Republican camp with numbers.

"You're essentially here to witness what is going on with the poll inspectors to make sure that the various rules for the election are followed," Dustin said. "It maybe making sure people are in the book as registered voters. If they are not in the book then there is a secondary list of people who registered late that are on a list. Making sure people not in the district are directed to the correct polling place."

Dustin said he was also there when the polling place started up the voting machines to make sure the number was set at zero and said he will be there when the voting machine is shut down and the numbers are reported out.

"I will report number back after the polls close tonight," Dustin said. "I think there's somebody at most of the districts. It's easy here because there are two of the districts in one place and they need just one of me here."

Dustin said he already cast his vote this morning, as he is a resident of district 52.

"I was vote number 6 this morning," Dustin said. "I watched for things and waited for a lull and I ended up voting during that."


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