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In need of yams! And...tomato paste is a vegetable?

Shaker Junior High School's Builder's Club needs your yams!

Each year the club collects yams for the annual Equinox House Thanksgiving Dinner and there's two days left to reach a goal of 400 cans of yams. So far it's collected 236 cans, so the club is asking anyone who can donate some canned yams to drop them off at school by Friday.

In other school food news...

The South Colonie School District sent out an email blast about recent legislation in Congress that's pushing back against the Obama administration's efforts to incorporate healthier foods in school lunches and eliminate or reduce the use of unhealthy items like sodium, potatoes, etc.

More details about the proposed legislation here.

What's your take? Seems a little odd that Congress would WANT to pass off tomato paste on pizza as a serving of vegetables, given the nation's growing obesity issue.

Does your child buy school lunch? How would you grade North and South Colonie school lunches?


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