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Mahan demands Conners and Sheehan correct themselves

Colonie Supervisor said enough is enough today at a press conference when she called out Republican candidate for supervisor Denise Sheehan and Albany County Comptroller Mike Conners for putting out false information regarding the value of the landfill.

Mahan has asked both Conners and Sheehan to retract their statements that a Clough Harbour & Associates reported the landfill set the value of the landfill at $300 or $600 in its report for the Town of Colonie on June 22. In a letter addressed to Conners and Sheehan, Mahan said that if they did not publicly withdraw their statements then she would file a formal complaint with the New York State Board of Elections under Section 6201.3 of the code.

“Yesterday I received a letter from CHA and the letter states that there is no fair reading from their report that would allow for the conclusion that the estimated value of the landfill is $600 million,” Mahan said. “The report doesn’t even support the conclusion that the landfill is worth $300 million. Yet my opponent and Mr. Conners continue to inflate the worth of the landfill at every opportunity.”

The letter received by Mahan, written by CHA Vice President Frank LaVardera, cites news articles that incorrectly state the landfill’s worth and that the net income of the landfill is only $46 million, which would include both the Southwest and Northern expansion. Department of Public Works Commissioner Jack Cunningham said that number does not include capital projects that would be involved in running the landfill and takes into account the entire lifespan of the facility.

“Apparently, the $300 million figure that was quoted was arrived at by adding the estimated revenue over the life of the existing landfill and two of the potential expansion alternatives,” LaVardera said in the letter, adding that the $600 million figure came about through adding the third expansion option into the equation. “The methodology used by those claiming the value of the landfill was $300 million of $600 million was incorrect because the gross revenue used does not account for such expenses associated with construction, operation, closure and post closure maintenance of the landfill.”

Conners said he arrive at his estimation by taking 13 million tons he said would come as a result of the expansion of the landfill and multiplied it by the $48 a ton the landfill charges for solid waste. He said he expanded over a 25 year period and said it was where he arrived at the gross value of $600 million.

He is skeptical, though, of the timing of the release of the $46 million figure and said that it was a new set of numbers created by the Mahan administration. Conners then said if all the landfill was worth was $46 million, then the Town of Colonie is doing something wrong.

“It’s interesting that they haven’t been able the run a landfill as successful as Albany has,” he said.


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